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Welcome to Coonabarabran Stargazing at The Getaway Tourist Park.

Get ready to travel the universe, as we take a journey through the solar system and beyond. During our adventure, you'll be taken to our next closest neighbour, Alpha Centauri. Enjoy the beauty of this spectacular binary star system and hear about it's size, distance and temperatures. Next stop, 1600 light years beyond The Southern Cross. Take in the fantastic colours of the the traffic lights and enjoy the sparkle of the stars that form The Jewellery Box. Next we'll visit the Magellanic clouds, over 140,000 light years from Earth. While you are here, you will see the spectacular Tarantula Nebula, or peer into a globular cluster containing over 3 million stars. These are only a few of the amazing stops that we may go to on our journey through the cosmos and as the seasons change so do the stars. So come join us and enjoy everything the universe has to offer.

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