A Tour of The Southern Sky
What we do

Night shows at
The Getaway Tourist Park

Come and enjoy the beauty of the night sky at the spectacular Getaway Tourist Park. Get settled in under the Milky Way and get ready for an 1hr 30mins of stars, planets,distant galaxies, shooting stars and so much more. Come join us and be amazed by what our universe has to offer.

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Siding Spring
Day Tours

Welcome to the heart of the Astronomy Capital of Australia. Take in the beauty of the Warrumbungles, from the catwalk of Australia's largest telescope; wander the David Allen Trail to the highest point of Mt Woorat or take a wander through the 'out of this world' visitors gallery. No matter what you are looking for, Australia's Premier astronomical observatory offers a wide range of enjoyment for everyone.

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Siding Spring Cafe & Exploratory

Welcome to the gateway to Siding Spring. This is where the magic of the mountain starts. Enjoy a warm greeting from our friendly staff, as they direct you through a brief history of the mountain and set you on your way for adventure. Take a journey through the exploratory and learn about the amazing work being done by all of the telescopes on this mountain and around the world. Once you've worked up an appetite for knowledge(or food), come back through to the cafe area. Enjoy a beautiful assortments of cakes and sip away on a coffee, as you take in the fantastic views around you. Don't forget to ask our dedicated tour guides about the mountain, tour times and any other questions you may have.

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October long weekend

There will be fantastic events all weekend such as:
  • Science in the Pub
  • Siding Spring Observatory Open Day
  • Bok Lecture
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